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Why Volunteer

Why Volunteer

Apr 13, 2022 | Volunteer Spotlight

We sincerely appreciate our volunteer’s dedication.
What moves our volunteers?

We decided to ask them.  Starting with Roseann Costello:

Why choose a food security non-profit to volunteer?

Of all the volunteer opportunities I had before me, I was extremely pleased to find Daniel’s Table.  Food insecurity was something that my family never witnessed, yet my dad, who grew up in an orphanage in New Jersey due to his mom’s illness, TB, was often hungry.  As an adult, he always remembered and taught us about those days.  My mom’s family, which had some money during the depression, often bought food and other necessities for their neighbors.  Generosity was something we learned about at an early age. There was always extra food in our house and plenty to share.  My parents always donated to the Holliston Food Pantry and dad even volunteered there after his retirement.

How you get to know Daniel’s Table?
It was only fitting that I would see my good friend Bonnie Gouveia sporting a Daniel’s Table shirt, so I could ask her about the organization, and now, not only do I help with food, but being a retired Spanish teacher, I can help with the Spanish speaking clients as well. Here’s the plaque on the bricks on Daniel’s Table, honoring my parents, Charles and Rose Dahlgren.
What moves you to keep on volunteering with Daniel’s Table?

Since the pandemic we pack over 300 bags each week. It is very rewarding work, especially when we see how grateful the clients are. We hear God bless you, Dios te bendiga and Deus te abencoe. The most memorable sign of appreciation was when one of our clients wrote a check for $10. He was a person in need and when we asked why he donated, he told us that one of his neighbors paid his electric bill that month, so he wanted to pay it forward. We are very humbled by our ability to take part in such a wonderful organization.  Also, the people I volunteer with and the employees are just so kind!

Would you like to volunteer at Daniel’s Table? Sign up at www.weallvolunteer.org

Would you like to contribute to this cause and be part of our building? Check our plaque campaign at Help Us Buy Our Forever Home • Daniel’s Table, Framingham, MA (danielstable.org)


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