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Save the Date! Earth Day Festival!

Save the Date! Earth Day Festival!

Apr 13, 2022 | News and Updates

Many volunteers ranging in age kneel along a dirt patch along a fence. They are planting fruit bushes in a public area. | Donate to Daniel's Table

Visit Daniel’s Table @ Framingham Earth Day Festival

This year Daniel’s Table will be at the Framingham Earth Day Festival on April 23rd, at Framingham Centre Common from 11AM to 3PM. We’ll be showing you another Daniel’s Table project called BloomingCiti.  This new program will beautify, educate and create a casual food resource for the City of Framingham.

Sustainability is an environmental, social, and economic balance. “Sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations” according to The United Nations. Sustainability is also one of the pillars at Daniel’s Table.

To accomplish with the goal of sustainability, BloomingCiti was created to nurture a casual food resource for our community and bring beautification to the city. Kids can also learn from watching the different stages of fruit development. Through this program people can sponsor a fruit tree or donate space at their land to receive a fruit tree. Since the project started last year, we’ve planted over 200 fruit bushes and trees.

Daniel’s Table has proudly worked to diminish environmental impact through reducing waste, reuse and recycle. Cardboard boxes are broken down and brought to a recycling facility or reused to deliver food. Plastic film and bags are separated to a recycling non-profit company that builds benches out of it. In six months, we collected 600 pounds of plastic! We use rescued food to cook nutritious meals for the Community Freezer program.  Our client choice food market means less waste as clients get to choose what they want to eat.  That means less food waste!  Any food we cannot distribute or cook with gets donated to a local pig farmer.  The farmer loves it because they spend a lot less money on feed!

With a lot of small changes, we were able to reduce trash removal to once per month. That also means saving money. We use creativity to keep our costs low. Energy efficient thermostats, low energy lights installed throughout the building, and fuel rewards program and the list goes on.

You donor dollars are used with utmost care.  We strive to keep our overhead as low as possible.  This is why our awesome volunteers are an integral part of Daniel’s Table.  They help with food prep, packing, labeling, cleaning, maintenance, and well just about everything.



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