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Reading Extravaganza!

Reading Extravaganza!

Apr 12, 2022 | News and Updates

Seizing the opportunity to celebrate International Children’s Book Day (April 2nd)!  Daniel’s Table donated 165 books (44 different titles) to Harmony Grove in Framingham.   A read-a-loud for the children was held on April 1st in both English and Portuguese.  Portuguese being the predominant language spoken at the school.  This donation was sure to help their bilingual program.

The books are from contemporary Brazilian authors Ana Rapha Nunes, Jacqueline Mattos and Andre Luis Oliveira. They also received copies of “Grandmas love to read” by David Blais and Elena Kochetova, written in English. Like many schools in Framingham, there is a large population where English is the second language spoken in many homes.  The integration of books written in a student’s native language is hoped to foster a love of reading at an early age.  It also empowers parents who do not speak English to read to their children on a regular basis.

Some community leaders joined us in the reading. Our special thank you to John Stefanini, Darlene Pugnali, Priscila Sousa, Keziah Pessanha, Leora Mallach, Noval Alexander, Tiffanie, Amy, Alicia and David Blais, Adam Steiner for reading. Also thank you Principal Juliana Kessler Marcos for hosting this event. Teachers and librarians were excited about the books and commented on how hard it is to find children’s books in Portuguese. We’ll keep the conversation going and we will continue to find ways to empower our community!


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