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Meet Our Volunteer Spotlight Marjie

Meet Our Volunteer Spotlight Marjie

Feb 16, 2024 | Volunteer Spotlight

Marjie has a creative way of supporting our community. Marjie first learned about Daniel’s Table at her congregation meeting, where Alicia, one of our founders, shared our mission. Inspired by our cause, Marjie’s congregation fundraised for Daniel’s Table by selling pies, and she eagerly lent a helping hand.

Years later, after retiring, Marjie decided to deepen her involvement with Daniel’s Table by becoming a volunteer. She was drawn to our vision and operational approach, which emphasizes providing healthy food security while keeping costs low and fostering connection and community.

Marjie’s commitment to our cause goes beyond the walls of our organization. She began by pairing plastic bags at home, which are used by clients at our client-choice free farmer’s market. Recognizing an opportunity to engage her community further, Marjie reached out to the retirement home where she used to work. To her delight, the retired home residents enthusiastically joined her efforts.

“I have this time to be with them, and they look forward to volunteering,” Marjie shared. “They always ask me how things are going at Daniel’s Table.” Together, they form a group of around 20 sisters who set up 4 to 6 tables, discussing the impact of Daniel’s Table on the community while working on the bags. Sometimes, a 90-year-old professor serenades them with piano music, adding joy and camaraderie to their gatherings. With their combined efforts, they assemble approximately 180 bags each time, ensuring that those in need receive essential support.

Marjie’s dedication and the support of her fellow volunteers exemplify the power of collaboration and generosity in making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. We are grateful for Marjie and her community’s invaluable contributions to Daniel’s Table. Thank you also, residents of Marillac Residence at Mount St. Vincent, in Wellesley, Sisters of Charity – Halifax, the Marist Missionary Sisters, and the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.


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