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Meet our Volunteer Randy

Meet our Volunteer Randy

May 6, 2024 | Volunteer Spotlight

For Randy Singer, volunteering at Daniel’s Table has become more than just a way to spend her free time; it’s become a meaningful part of her life. For the past 18 months, she has dedicated herself to this cause, driven by a belief in the importance of helping to feed people in her community – her neighbors.

“Volunteering in the afternoons is something I can fit into my schedule and still make a meaningful impact.” Randy explains.

What initially drew Randy to Daniel’s Table was the compassion and respect with which people in need are treated. “When I started to work at the Daniel’s Table free market, I was impressed by the way clients can come and maintain their pride,” she reflects.

But beyond the act of providing food, Randy values the sense of camaraderie among the volunteers. “We work together towards a common goal,” she says. “It’s a team effort, and that’s what makes it so fulfilling.”

Randy’s involvement hasn’t stopped at volunteering; she’s become an advocate for the cause. “Simply mentioning that I volunteer sparks interest in others,” she notes. “It’s an opportunity to inspire more people to lend a hand.”

Seeing the impact firsthand has been rewarding for Randy. “The regularity of the market allows us to see the difference we’re making over time,” she observes. “It’s a reminder that every small effort counts.”

Thank you Randy for your dedication, which embodies the spirit of giving that defines Daniel’s Table, and thank you for inspiring others to join in creating a more compassionate world.


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