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Interview with a Food Fighter

Interview with a Food Fighter

Mar 12, 2024 | Donor Spotlight

Interview with Kathleen Barrett, donor since 2021, monthly donor since 2024.

Q: Why did you start donating to Daniel’s Table?  

Katheen: I moved to Framingham in 2021 and was interested in donating to support a local non-profit in my community. I noticed Daniel’s Table signs around town, and it piqued my interest. When I reviewed your website, I was intrigued that you were doing something different in the food security area and made my first donation.  But it wasn’t until I volunteered that I understood how differently Daniel’s Table approaches food insecurity. The weekly free market and the free freezer program really shows that Daniel’s Table is very intentional in its mission. I love the collaboration with local farmers who donate fresh produce, the educational component, as well as the commitment to sustainability as in feeding the pigs at local farms with the food you cannot use or give away; no stone is left unturned. 

 Q: Why did you decide to become a Food Fighter – a monthly donor?  

Kathleen: I was volunteering in the kitchen with the co-founder, Alicia Blais, and I mentioned that I had made a donation. She then told me how important it is to start monthly giving as most people give at the end of the year, during the holidays. I learned that Daniel’s Table needs that financial support every day throughout the year, so I decided to do that. I knew how important it is to a nonprofit to have monthly income – so it was a ‘no-brainer”. 

 Q: Why is this cause – food insecurity – important to you?  

Kathleen: I believe that Daniel’s Table strives to abide by the principle of “teaching a man to fish” by educating their clients on how to feed their family nutritiously. I value safety and security for everyone and being safe from hunger is important to me. Giving, through the biblical principle of tithing, keeps me more mindful of my obligation to my fellow human beings. I find joy in attempting to alleviate someone else’s burden, whether giving financially, volunteering or in the multitude of small ways we can share kindnesses with others on a daily basis. I try to do something like that every day.   

Thank you, Kathleen! 

What is a FOOD FIGHTER? 

Becoming a Daniel’s Table Food Fighter is a monthly giving program that allows you to automatically give a specified amount to Daniel’s Table each month. Signing up for a recurring donation supports our mission of providing food security throughout the year. You can increase, decrease, or cancel anytime.  

As you’re probably aware, a third of most donations are given in the holiday season from November through December. But our food insecure neighbors need food every day! We provided MORE meals in January – over 32,000 – than we did in December!  

By becoming a recurring donor, you provide a steady stream of income that will provide our families in need a variety of farm fresh vegetables, high-quality proteins, in addition to pantry staples and snacks for kids!       TO DONATE MONTHLY, SIGN UP HERE

Top reasons for becoming a Food Fighter: 

  1. Know that YOU are making a difference, every day! 
  2. Receive a small token of our appreciation. 
  3. Invites to special donor events.
  4. Easy and convenient way for you to make an impact.  

 Even more reasons for becoming a Food Fighter: 

  • You will be part of a community of like-minded supporters. 
  • You will learn about the impact your gifts are having. 
  • You will be contributing to the longevity of our organization by providing regular support.  
  • You can give in a sustainable way, with donations that are manageable for your budget. 


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