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Congress passes the Food Donation Improvement Act

Congress passes the Food Donation Improvement Act

Dec 23, 2022 | Uncategorized

Congress passed a bill to encourage food donations in an effort to fight hunger and reduce food waste.

The Food Donation Improvement Act boosts liability protections for those that donate food directly to people in need, eliminating legal barriers that have prompted restaurants, grocery stores, farms, and other organizations to throw away food rather than donate it.

“This bill is so bipartisan because it is very clear that ambiguous, outdated laws are preventing people who have extra food from donating it to people who need extra food,” Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) said on the House floor Wednesday.

More than 38 million people in the U.S. face food insecurity, according to Feeding America. Meanwhile, the anti-hunger organization estimates that the U.S. wastes 108 billion pounds of food each year, leading to a reduced food supply and higher emissions.

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