The Mission

We have created a 3 Step process that when combined with information on all other food security providers and their services.

Step 1. One of the biggest challenges any service provider has is identifying individuals and families that are truly in need of service. The elderly, the disabled and children in need sometime get lost in our systems and find themselves without food or resources.

Our solution is to spend time in local neighborhoods building trust and doing assessments at a one-on-one level.  Door by door, neighbor by neighbor we seach for those in need and address their specific issues.

Step 2. Once a month we have an open market where our neighbors can receive fresh produce, attend a cooking class and learn more about our programs. Used as a door opener we use this opportunity to listen to the challenges some of our neighbors are experiencing and responding in a way that maintains the dignity of everyone involved.

Step 3. We are presently installing 30 freezers into locations throughout Framingham. Inside these freezers we have restaurant quality meals, that we create, that are distributed to those in need. Because many are in schools, community health centers, colleges and other accessible areas we are able to give our neighbors instant access to a healthy meal for themselves and their families.

This freezer solution sits at the core of our entire mission and solves many of the issues that service providers struggle with. How do I reach the right people? How do I use food donations before the date expires? How do I know that my neighbors are eating properly?

The freezers, placed into secure areas, are part of a team effort to provide food security. Nurses, social workers and advocates know their clients best. By working side by side with them we recognize that they know their clients better than we ever could and we give them an option they never had before.

By freezing the food we extend the shelf life from days to six months!

We control the nutritional content of the meals. We create nutritionally dense foods that provide the nourishment needed while at the same time maintaining the flavor and quality expected from a restaurant style meal.

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