Covid Emergency Food Relief

Our core values continually guide us and allow our organization to respond to crisis with innovation and agility.

That was true in the beginning as it is now with the current Covid-19 crisis. Daniel’s Table has significantly changed and adapted our programming in order to respond to the City of Framingham’s increasing needs. We have established an Emergency Food Relief Program. This program is operating 3 days a week both here at our 10 Pearl Street location and through a mobile delivery site at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. At the school location, Daniel’s Table is partnering with Framingham Public Schools and a local social service agency to bring both food and personal care items to residents. In addition to our onsite services, we are providing deliveries of both grocery items such as pantry staples, fresh produce, fruits and meats as well as prepared frozen individual meals to the elderly. Through these services, Daniel’s Table is assisting over 650 families per week with over 15,000 meals of emergency food. Additionally, we provide hot meals to over 50 homeless individuals on weekends, filling in a gap in current services here in Framingham. Daniel’s Table is committed to continuing this program as long as the Covid-19 crisis continues.

This new and innovative program follows new families from pregnancy until the newborn is school age.

Daniel’s Table is partnering with Jewish Family Services to provide a combination of nutritional and clinical support as well as case management to establish a strong foundation for healthy development. This program will ensure all children have an equal opportunity to start life on a level playing field and enter school without disadvantage.

Community Freezer Program

This initiative allows us to partner with schools, businesses, and social service agencies to have a presence in several places at once and provide instant access to food, facilitated by people who know and care for the people in need. 

Daniel’s Table currently maintains 23 freezers throughout the city of Framingham, located in the public schools, the YMCA and social service provider offices. These freezers are stocked and maintained by Daniel’s Table staff with freshly prepared frozen meals. Using these freezers our neighbors do not have to travel outside of their local neighborhoods to access meals. We source our food through farm shares, private donations, and community partnerships with several organizations. Some of our Partners include Walden Local MeatsBoston Sword and TunaThe Nordic GroupLovin Spoonful and the Greater Boston Food Bank. Our culinary staff and volunteers prepare nutritious meals with five core components (protein, grain, two vegetables, and a soup or pasta sauce) designed to feed a family of four for one mealtime. These meals are sealed, frozen, and transported to freezers in locations throughout the community where those in need can access them. The Daniel’s Table app tracks the meals picked up by our clients and alerts the program when we need to produce and deliver more meals. Daniel’s Table has the capacity to provide 10’s of thousands of meals per year in its current facility with collaboration from its current partners. To this end, we have begun to look for additional partner cities in MetroWest. Daniel’s Table recently surpassed 500,000 meals served to the residents of Framingham.