Our Mission

Our mission is to create food security through nutrition and education as the catalyst to empower individuals and families to reach their full potential. Daniel’s Table achieves this mission through continuous innovation of programming and outreach, service provision conducted with compassion and dignity and education that is respectful of culture and diversity.

Our Values

Compassion – Dignity – Respect – Innovation – Agility

Our Beginning

Daniel’s Table is born- 9 years ago David and Alicia Blais purchased, owned, and operated a restaurant in the City of Framingham. During their first few years of serving the community, they realized food insecurity was a significant problem for their “neighbors” in Framingham and beyond. Having the compassion and expertise to combat the hunger problem they saw around them; they were compelled to act. They believed their business and culinary acumen provided a strong foundation, a foundation that would allow them to address the complex issues confronting the city. On September 14, 2016 Daniel’s Table became a registered 501(c)3 organization. We have been evolving ever since.

Our Founders

David Blais 


Mr. Blais has been a lifelong entrepreneur who’s design and vision for Daniel’s Table has made it a food security leader in the community. Always focused on never-ending improvement, Mr. Blais has implemented innovative solutions that creatively deal with difficult social issues like food insecurity and its social impact

Alicia Blais 


Mrs. Blais is the “rock” that keeps Daniel’s Table focused. Her passion for those in need is only surpassed by her love of children. This passion for our city’s youngest, is demonstrated through her role as Director of Programming and her educational and entertaining talks throughout the Framingham Public Schools. Mrs. Blais brings over 35 years of restaurant management experience to our non-profit mission. She is dedicated to seeing our community become the first city in the nation to achieve food security.