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Daniel’s Table was founded by Alicia and David Blais, owners of the Foodie Café in Framingham, Massachusetts, in November of 2011.

What started out as a humble attempt to help with Framingham’s hunger problem turned into a lifelong pursuit, and it began over something as simple as a shared Chinese dinner. During this casual moment,  David asked his wife, Alicia, a simple but life changing question: “What would it look like if we just ended it? If we just ended hunger in Framingham?”  After they finished laughing, David could not shake the thought of solving the hunger problem. Over that dinner, their journey began.

From 2012 to 2013, the Foodie Café provided a free monthly dinner, and each week they provided 50 lunch packs to local street ministers that they distributed to a mostly homeless population.

2014 started with a more aggressive approach to tackling the hunger issue. With the purchase of an 8’ x 6’ mobile food trailer, Daniel’s Table began providing hot, fresh dinners to the residents of lower income neighborhoods three nights per week. The goal was to strategically place food trailers within the town borders of Framingham, so if residents needed a meal they could just visit a trailer and pick up dinner.

For three years, this was the plan the focus and ultimately the goal. As they grew and learned from their own experiences, they became frustrated by the limited reach of this type of program, and so they reconstructed their mission to fit Framingham’s needs. They continued their search for better options and in June of 2017, they finally discovered what many believe will be the solution to providing food security in urban areas.

The story continues today…

Good people, being a blessing to others others, May God richly bless you !
Amy Bentley Magrow

Good Neighbor

Wow, what an awesome thing you guys are doing! God bless all of you.
Phil Johnson

Good Neighbor

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